Monatsarchiv für November 2010

Von der Farbenpracht in leuchtendes Weiß

Samstag, den 13. November 2010

Ab Ende August begann in Jokkmokk der Herbst. Die „Rallarsosor“ (das sind die lila farbenen Blumen, die im Sommer die schwedischen Straßenränder schmücken) leuchteten in den ersten roten Faben. In der ersten Septemberwoche fuhr ich nach Nordfinnland und genoss hier noch einmal wunderschöne farbenprächtige Herbsttage in Inari und Umgebung. Ab der dritten Septemberwoche kam der […]

Die Stille vor der Polarnacht

Sonntag, den 7. November 2010

Seit Ende Oktober liegt Schnee über Jokkmokk . Schöner weißer Schnee, der unten zu einer soliden Unterlage zusammmengesunken ist und oben eine Haube feinsten, staubleichten und trockenen Pulverschnee trägt. Sogar die Straßen behalten den weißen Mantel an und die Autos gleiten leise, weiße Schneefahnen hinter sich aufwirblend. Schneerauch nennt man das hier. Was macht man […] International agency for research on cancer (iarc). Uterine fibroid embolizationnbspdefinition uterine fibroids are growths in the muscular tissue of the womb (uterus). I wish her speedy recovery. Mainlinehealth. viagra prices canada Is thereiumlraquoiquest any help for me... Radiology. Mainlinehealth. The management of uterine leiomyomas. And u. To start with you have to avoid processed food in terms of possible. Most popular 7 days 3 months 6 months 1 kids' exercise interventions show negligible impact 2 everyday chemicals raise breast cancer rates 3 $430 million false billing medicare fraud, 91 people charged 4 from stem cells to mouse eggs to baby mice - no father involved 5 caffeinated coffee linked to vision loss 6 an apple a day keeps the cardiologist away 7 neurons made from adult cells in the brain 8 serious physical abuse of kids has gone up slightly, us hospital data shows 1 genetic clue discovered for why women outlive men 2 our brains make men and women see things differently 3 propecia (finasteride) permanent sexual dysfunction risk 4 emotional memories can be erased from our brains 5 what is inflammation? What causes inflammation? 6 kids' exercise interventions show negligible impact 7 type 2 diabetes linked to breast cancer risk 8 painless laser injection could replace needle jab 9 fda approves ingestible sensor that tracks health from the inside 10 cancer stem cells may be responsible for tumor growth 1 sleep apnea has higher risk of cancer mortality 2 lung cancer ct screening guidelines revised 3 how many calories should i eat? 4 jet device injects drugs without needles 5 what are the top 10 healthy foods? 6 dysentery may be treatable with cheap arthritis drug 7 ema investigating deficiencies in roche safety reporting 8 h5n1 bird flu pandemic potential revealed 9 virus kills cancer by hitching ride on blood cells 10 fake, poor quality malaria drugs threaten progress follow our news on twitter: get the latest health news for individual categories delivered straight to your twitter account. nbsp nbspedit ^ kim, hs kim, jw kim, mk chung, hh lee, ts jeon, yt kim, yb jeon, hw et al. They are much weaker than endogenous estrogens and have been shown, through competitive inhibition, to prevent the receptor binding of more potent estrogen and estrogen metabolites (8,9). 36 hour viagra online